Every Saw Trap: The Razor Box

“This trap involved a box suspended from the ceiling, inside was an antidote accessible by two holes under the box big enough to fit a person’s arms through. Once they did, however, the person would realize the corners of the holes were fitted with blades that would push up if something was inserted. If the person put pressure on the blades in order to take their hands out, the blades would dig into their arms. The harder they pulled, the deeper the blades would go. However, if the victim only studied the box further, there was a key on top it which would open and allow safe access to the antidote.”


Thanks to Everybody for sharing my deamon and supporting me in my work <3

My Character for My final exam at Cinema Makeup School

Model: Shay Zee

MUA: Margaux Cabuy

my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MargauxCabuyMakeupArtist?fref=ts

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